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Titanic is Born!



On the 31st of March 1909, the keel of the 'Titanic' was laid at the Harland & Wolff, Queen's Shipyard, Belfast, four years and 14 days later No. 401, titanic. The designated hull No. 390904; was sunk by an Iceberg. Previous to this, on an evening two years before she was built, in 1907, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Ismay went to visit Lord and Lady Pirrie, Chairman of Harland & Wolff. After dinner, as the men were sipping their brandies, they had an idea. To build the biggest and most luxurious ocean liner ever. They didn't want to build the fastest ship, (The Mauretania, of the Cunard line held the blue Riband for 22 years. A tribute to her speed and the workmanship of those who built her.) But a higher class of ship entirely, "A floating palace, reliable and safe." It was decided to build three of these ships, An Olympic trio) The main two built first, the 'Olympic' and 'Titanic', to be followed at a later date by a third to supplement the first two sisters; the 'Gigantic' (Later named the 'Britannic')  They would be marvelled at, Fit for the American Millionaire socialites of the Edwardian age. With such ships, surely they would be masters of the Atlantic.......It was the beginning of the Titanic