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The Career of Harold Godfrey Lowe


Ran away to sea aged 14.

Ship Dates sailed Destination Position
Seven schooners  7 years. from 1897 to 1904 - -
Various Square riggers 2 years from 1904 to 1906  - -
Steamship Company (unknown) 5 years from 1906 to February 1911  West African coast 6th Officer to 3rd Officer. (Obtained all certificates at this time)
Tropic 1911 Australian run 3rd Officer
Belgic 1911-1912 Australian run 3rd Officer
Titanic March 1912- April 1912 North Atlantic run (Southampton to New York.) 5th Officer
Gothic 1912-1914 ? 3rd Officer

War 1914-1918 Commander Royal Naval Reserve.

Medic 1919 Australian run 3rd Officer.

Retired from the sea 1919.


During World War II, Lowe was an Air Raid Warden for Deganwy

Schooners. Lowe sailed on 7 of them.