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Chief Officer Henry Tingle Wilde


Henry Tingle Wilde was born 21 September, 1872. He lived in Walton, Liverpool and served his apprenticeship, (like many of the other officers, aboard Sailing ships,) with Messrs. James Chambers & Co., Liverpool. , He joined the Maranhan Steamship Company as a second officer, after qualifying for his Second mate's certificate. Not long after, he gained his Mater's  and joined the White Star Line in 1905.. He served on a number of White Star Line ships, chiefly  the Australian route and the Liverpool to New York run, including the 'Arabic', 'Celtic', 'Medic', 'Cymric', 'Olympic' and finally, 'Titanic'.


Wilde held the ordinary and extra masters certificates and was a Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve. In 1912 Henry Tingle Wilde was living at 25 Grey Road, Walton, Liverpool. His wife and twin sons died in December, 1910 . Wilde had other four  children: Jane, Harry, Arnold and Nancy.


He did not expect to be aboard 'Titanic', but rather on her sister ship, 'Olympic' (for Details, see "A Secret Annoyance?" at the bottom of the Officer's Main page.) He was to have gained his first independent command, thought to be that of the 'Oceanic' after returning from the 'Titanic's maiden voyage.

He died in the sinking, and last seen trying to free the collapsibles from the roof of the Officers' quarters. Wilde has a Gravestone in his home town of Liverpool. The inscription reads: 'Also Captain [sic] Henry T. Wilde, R.N.R Acting Chief Officer Who Met His Death in the SS Titanic Disaster 15th April 1912 aged 38 years. ''One of Britain's Heroes''.'