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 The Career of William Murdoch



Sailing Ships

Ship Dates Sailed Destination/
 Other information
Notable Titanic and other shipmates
Charles Cotesworth           

Jul. 31, 1888 to Sept. 30, 1892
3 years, 8 months, 24 days


To West coasts of North and South America.


Aug. 9, 1895 to ?
8 years, 2 months, 20 days (along with St. Cuthbert)


To Australia, South America, and Rotterdam.


Capt. S. Murdoch, father

St. Cuthbert       

May 16, 1895 to July 29, 1896


To Mauritius and Newport, Wales.

Lydgate  Apr. 3, 1897 to May 2, 1899
America to China and Antwerp.
One voyage from Portland, Oregon to Taku, China.


Steam Ships

Ship Dates sailed Destination/
Other Information
Notable Titanic and other shipmates
Medic  ? to Sept. 1900  To Australia. C.H. Lightoller

Runic (II?)                       June 1901 to June 1903 5 round trips To Australia.
Arabic June 25, 1903 to June 26, 1903
4 voyages.
For maiden voyage.
North Atlantic. C.H. Lightoller
Celtic (II?)                     ? 1904 to
8 voyages


Germanic  Sept. 1904 to ?
2 voyages
Southampton to New York.
Oceanic (II?)                  Jan. 1905 to Dec. 1905 
12 voyages
 D. Blair,
C.H. Lightoller, J.G.Boxhall, and H.T. Wilde
Cedric  Feb. 1906 to Mar. 1906
2 voyages


Oceanic (II?) again      Apr. 1906 to  (May have had some of the Dec. 1906  above.)
8 voyages
Missed 1 voyage for the death of his older brother James, who had passed away on Nov. 11, 1906 at the age of 39.  This was the same age William died at.
Adriatic May 1907 to ?
For maiden voyage.
Liverpool to New York.

Missed 1 voyage to marry Ada Banks on Sept. 2, 1907.  He returned to service on Sept. 23, 1907.


Olympic  May 1911 to
For maiden voyage
Capt. Smith, H.T. Wilde,
H.W. McElroy, and  W.F.N. O’Laughlin
Titanic                        Mar. 1912 to Apr. 1912
For maiden voyage.
Southampton to New York.


Ada, William's Wife