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Fourth Officer Joseph Groves Boxhall


Mr Joseph Groves Boxhall was born in Hull, Yorkshire, on March 23, 1884. In 1912 Boxhall lived in Westbourne Avenue, Hull. Boxhall had 13 years experience at sea. He served his apprenticeship in Liverpool, passing his master's certificate in 1907, he joined White Star and served for 5 years prior to joining 'Titanic'. By that time he had gained his extra master's certificate.

At both of the inquiries, Boxhall was questioned on the details of navigation and the evacuation of passengers and crew into the boats. It was Boxhall who mentioned the other vessel that was close by to the sinking ship; that did not respond to the distress signals sent of the Titanic.

Boxhall gained a command with the Royal Navy but never made captain in the merchant marine. He left the sea in 1940 and in 1958 acted as an advisor to the film "A Night To Remember."
Joseph Groves Boxhall died 25 April 1967, age 83. He was cremated, on June 12 and his ashes were scattered over where he had calculated that the Titanic had gone down.