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Sixth Officer James Paul Moody


Mr James Paul Moody, 24, was born in Scarborough, England on 21st August, 1887.
James' father, J.H. Moody, was on the town council.
James attended the King Edward VII Nautical School in London and passed his Masters Examination there in April 1911. He was 24-years-old when he was transferred from the 'Oceanic' to the 'Titanic'.
His 1912 address was: St. James House, Grimsby, Lincolnshire. At the time of his death, he was living with an uncle who was a solicitor and his uncle's firm is still in business now.
James Moody was Sixth Officer on the 'Titanic' a position which earned him around $37.00 per month. He was last seen just before 'Titanic' went under, by Second Officer Charles Lightoller trying to launch the collapsible boats.
'There is plaque bearing James' name in the Church of St. Martin on the Hill, Scarborough. It Says:
'Be Thou Faithful Unto Death and I Will Give to Thee a Crown of Life." There is also an altar set at St. Augustine's Church in Grimsby that is memory of James.'
There is an additional monument to James in Woodland cemetery, Scarborough, the existence of which was known only to a few members of the Moody family. The headstone refers to his role in the Titanic disaster, and commemorates Moody's sacrifice with the words :
'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.'