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Updates to Our Site


October 2002

Site started 26th October

Content added 27th October: Titanic, Titanic's Officers (All Officer pages), About us, ContentsSailing Day, Thomas Andrews, Titanic's Story. Some pictures added.

29th October, Link Pictures added. Intro page added.

November 2002

30th November: Lowe's Biography added.

What will we do next?????!!

Keep Checking back for more!

December 2002

Merry Christmas!!

January 2003

Happy New year!

February 2003

22nd February: Titanic Manic fell prey to Hattie's obsession with moving sites about, only for the first time the name has stayed the same!!

25th February, Titanic Manic is online again!!

June 2003

Major updates: a new article about Stewardess Violet Jessop,

Removal of In-depth Murdoch Biographies and Titanic's Story due to personal reasons.

Change of look (again!)

Maz and Hattie